Policies & Procedures


Each Montana Watch Company timepiece comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.

• To protect against excessive wear and unnecessary damage, and to keep your warranty valid, your mechanical watch must be serviced by MWC every 5 years.
• Quartz watch battery life is warranted for 1 year.
• Please refer to your warranty card or contact us for specifics.
• To Make a service appointment, add additional customization, or to ask any questions please contact us at our Livingston, Montana studio.

Warranty and service


A flat rate for shipping and handling is charged for offsite purchases and service and warranty work.

• Shipping authorization is required before sending your watch to us, and we will return this courtesy.
• Do not ship your watch back to us with the original box or packaging.
• Please contact us to receive a shipping date and label, and packaging instructions.

shipping and handling


We handcraft watches from a variety of materials, requiring very different surface treatment for proper maintenance.

• Please contact us for instructions for proper care of the finish of your particular watch material.
• The Montana Watch Company is not responsible for unrecommended care or treatment to your watch.

precious metal care


Mechanical time pieces are susceptible to the unwanted effects of magnetism.

• Try to keep your watch away from strong or consistent sources of magnetism.
• Magnetism, while repairable in most cases, is not considered a manufacture defect and thus not warranted.
• Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding your watch and magnetism, in the mean time follow this link for an explanation of magnetism and watches:

magnetism and your watch


Most Montana Watch Company watches are water resistant to 90 feet.

• Certain watch models or style customization techniques can have different specifications.
• Leather watch strap lifespan is reduced significantly by consistent submersion or exposure to water.
• Exposure to water can effect the patina of certain case and buckle materials.

Water resistancy


We would love to make a custom timepiece handcrafted to your unique specifications.

• All custom projects require a non-refundable deposit for design and administration.
• Addition to our custom project calendar is on a first come first served basis.
• Pricing and project timeline are assessed per individual project, and subject to change based upon additional requests by the client.
• All custom project sales are final upon completion and non-returnable.

Custom projects


All deposits and payments must be made to The Montana Watch Company.

• Deposits and scheduled payments must be made as per agreed timeline and/or policies.
• Please contact us for payment particulars and acceptable forms of payment.

deposits and payments


Returns are possible within 15 days on some models, but conditions apply.

• Custom projects are not returnable.
• Returnable items are subject to prior inspection.
• Returnable items are subject to administrative fees (including a 15% restocking fee) and shipping costs.