About Us

For over twenty years the Montana Watch Company has been handcrafting unique American timepieces for a distinctive clientele.



Jeffrey Nashan, Montana Watch Company owner and founder, began his career in horology as a watchmaker specializing in the restoration of vintage timepieces. He became particularly fascinated with the history of early American wrist and pocket watch manufacturing, from back in the day when American companies dominated the field. When Nashan’s interests went beyond simple restoration and into the areas of design and manufacture he founded The Montana Watch Company and began what has become a passion to create truly unique, heirloom timepieces inspired by the designs of the early American watchmakers.




Horology is the science of time, timekeeping, and timekeepers. At the Montana Watch Company, horology is an art and a commitment to making the best timekeepers available. As the sole watchmaker for the company, Jeffrey Nashan starts with the finest Swiss mechanical movements available, rebuilding, regulating and adjusting them to the highest standards of performance. Jeffrey combines time-honored practices with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our mechanical movements are regulated to the highest specifications. All of our movements are warranted to rate plus or minus 6 seconds per day and to maintain a 30 to 40 hour power reserve at full wind.


artisan Techniques


We have put together a team of master engravers skilled in virtually every style of metal engraving, inlay and overlay. The many styles, patterns, and techniques are the foundation for true inspiration.


The technique of fine leather carving, filagree and scroll is a form of Western fine art. Custom patterns are stitched, skived and individually fabricated from premium exotic hides all by hand.

Gem Setting

Using bezel, bead, and flush setting techniques, and selecting from the highest quality gemstones, our master jewelers can perform distinctive embellishments to your timepiece.

Our Montana Watch Company Team:

Jeffrey Nashan - Owner and Founder

Dani DiPentino - Client Relations

Kelly Shorter - Production Management

Tamara Erickson - Sales Support