custom library - miles city edition


Western Leaf Scroll

The broad leaf pattern is common to some of the earliest European fine guns and has been used in a variety of different iterations of fine hand engraving across centuries. Western engravers in America adapted the pattern to add depth and contrast, giving their own spin to the style. The black dial with traditional sub second chapter and white breguet style hands brings contrast to this sterling silver piece which is finished with a gold winding crown, atop a finely detailed pendant.

Western Deep Relief

Removing background to reveal the pattern, deep relief engraving is breathtaking when skilled engravers apply this technique. Ernie Lytle is a true master of Western deep relief engraving as evidenced by the handwork on this beautiful sterling silver pocket watch. The blue breguet style hands are set against a classic white mother of pearl dial with sub second. Accented with a solid gold pendant and crown, this watch is a true Western heirloom.

Western Leaf Titanium

The broad leaf pattern in titanium has the look and feel of a “gun in the gray” that has been freshly engraved. The depth of the relief engraving has a familiar tactile appeal and appearance that is sure to evoke a certain emotion in the true quality firearm enthusiast. To follow through on this theme, a silver dial with a concentric satined finish is paired with traditional vintage breguet style hands and a vintage gold crown. Milled from solid stock titanium, this piece wears very light in the pocket.

Dos Es Uno

This sterling silver masterpiece, commissioned by the subject of the portrait, starts with intricate Western scroll engraving on the sterling silver bezel. Then it continues on the back to highlight the fine artwork of Karmel Timmons, expertly rendered in full detailed bulino engraving. The portrait of renown trainer and horse whisperer Buck Brannaman astride his bridle horse epitomizes the connection between horse and rider. This piece of handcrafted art speaks to the soul of any equestrian.

Colt Series

The Colt Series was a line of titanium cases that were intricately inlayed with gold wire designs by renown engraver Ernie Lytle. After the cases were inlayed with the gold, Jeffrey took a torch to them to gradually color the metal to a blue hue, much like the blued finish on early firearms. The last Colt produced made its way out of the studio and into Jeff’s personal collection. This one and only Miles City variation is a prized possession for it’s lucky owner.

The Scout

Specialty engraving on the back of a pocket watch is an application that is steeped in tradition. On this sterling silver masterpiece the intricate Western scroll engraving elevates the classic open faced pocket watch with vintage white dial to a new level. Turn it around and show off the iconic Western portrait of The Scout, expertly rendered on the case back in full detailed bulino engraving, and elevate yet again. The contrasting solid gold crown and pendant are a perfect finish.