custom library - highline aviator


Western Deep Relief Scroll

Removing background to reveal the pattern, deep relief engraving is breathtaking when skilled engravers apply this technique. Ernie Lytle is a true master of Western deep relief engraving as evidenced by the handwork on this beautiful sterling silver Highline Aviator. The blue breguet style hands are set against a classic white mother of pearl dial with sub second. Finished with a brown, hand tooled saddle leather strap, this watch is a true Western heirloom.

The Birddog

The big Highline Aviator is the perfect canvas for this beautiful handwork completely engraved by Christian Decamillis. The deep relief case engraving is done in a refined English scroll work design. The fine detail and composition of the bulino engraving on the dial expresses the artist’s familiarity with this classic scene. Complimented with gold dial markers, hands, trench lugs, and winding crown, this piece is finished with a classic black saddle leather hand cut strap.

Sculpted Leaf Motif

The broad leaf pattern is common to some of the earliest European fine guns and has been used in a variety of different iterations of fine hand engraving across centuries. The artist expertly manipulates metal of the sterling case, pushing and shaping it to create depth and contrast. The black mother of pearl dial is contrasted by the gold hands, winding crown, and trench lugs. Finished with a hand cut and stitched brown saddle leather strap.

The R.P. Aviator

One of the most desired designs for an MWC timepiece is the stylish deep relief scroll work case framing the solid gold sculpted oak leaf and acorn monogrammed dial. Here the bezel set tanzanite dial markers offer balance to the elaborate scroll work on both the dial and case. And nothing personalizes an heirloom timepiece quite like a monogram on the dial. Finished with a fabulous custom strap with handcrafted gold overlays and kangaroo lacing.

Spaghetti Western

A masterpiece of our collaboration with the unbelievable engravers of Bottega Incisione Giovanelli in Italy, Master Engraver Dario Cortini creates an active scene on the solid gold dial depicting his take on the imagery of the American West. The beautiful scroll pattern makes it’s back and forth between the case and dial, a mastery of technique. Truly fantastic, this piece was finished with a hand cut and stitched brown saddle leather strap.

Western Emeralds

Contrasting materials come together to create a one of a kind look on this contemporary Western timepiece. The gold ring overlay has been engraved and set with 12 faceted emeralds surrounding the sterling bright cut and stippled bezel. The black dial with gold numbers is a perfect match for this unique look. The open case back reveals the blued gears of the hand wound mechanical movement and the timepiece is finished with a black saddle leather hand tooled and stitched strap.

The Duarte Trout

One of our most sought after custom bulino designs is the Leaping Trout. This particular design included a solid gold fly inlay at 2 o’clock and beautiful gold bezel set rubies as dial markers. Christian Decamillis has once again created a dial full of action and movement. The deep relief scroll case engraving by EA Lytle perfectly complements the artistic dial and makes its way to the case back as well. The iconic piece is finished with a brown hand tooled saddle leather strap.

Minkin Barong

The fertile mind of Boston Artist Seth B. Minkin brought us Barong, the lion-like creature of Indonesian mythology, originally part of a huge diptych painting that stood almost 5 feet tall. The spirit king was rendered to the 48mm solid gold canvas by Christian Decamillis and surrounded by 12 sapphire dial markers and dancing flowers on the dial. The case imitates the floral motif again while mingling with the scrollwork and stippled pattern, emphasizing the Art of Time.

Banovich Tlou Ledimo

Wildlife artist John Banovich’s massive beast is the centerpiece of this incredible project, “Elephant Storm”, with dial engraving expertly recreated by Christian Decamillis. The gold breguet style hands and handcrafted dial markers complement the gold wire lugs and crown of the classic Western deep relief engraving by EA Lytle surrounding the sterling silver case. The distinctive one-a-of-kind timepiece is finished with an elegant Childress Flare black strap.

The Goldfish

Contemporary Boston artist Seth B. Minkin’s crazy swirl of Goldfish is recreated in solid gold on the dial of this unique art piece. The high polish sterling case, solid gold trench lugs and winding crown lets the character of Seth’s subject take the spotlight. The original painting was on a 48 x 48 inch canvas and had 1000’s of the little fish filling the space. Rendered to our 48mm timepiece and a couple of dozen, it becomes a wearable piece of modern art.

The Scout

The Scout is an iconic Western theme, expertly bulino engraved with fine detail onto the large solid gold dial canvas, and with individually bezel set rubies as dial markers. The Western relief engraving with superb elements of shading on the sterling silver case frames out the subject perfectly. Finish it off with solid gold trench lugs and winding crown , and a hand tooled saddle leather strap with matching hand engraved sterling silver buckle, and you have a true heirloom Western collectable.

The Kraken

Another spectacular piece of wearable aquatic themed art from our collaboration with Seth B. Minkin of Boston. The Kraken was sized down from the original 4 foot canvas and expertly engraved onto the solid gold dial and slithering onto the stainless steel case. Gold markers against the gold background stand out just enough to recognize that the fine silver markers 10 and 11 are the Kraken’s eyes. The contrasting elements continue with the gold lugs and winding crown.