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Model 1930 Grand Tank ( 54x42mm )


1930GT - Arnold - Life Story

Case and concept designed by Jeffrey to the exact specifications of Arnold Schwarzenegger, this piece was hand engraved and sculpted by Christian Decamillis. Each corner overlayed with handcrafted sculptures detailing the most pivotal moments of the storied life of this truly unique and iconic individual. The American Flag to designate his American Citizenship, the Mr. Universe Trophy, The State Seal of the Governor’s Office of California, and his Hollywood Star. The entire piece was then hand engraved in a deep relief pattern and accented with yellow gold. His own personal story reimagined on the wrist.

1930GT - Original

The Classic Version of the Model 1930GT. A massive timepiece created for a client who loved our traditional Model 1930 - but wanted it “bigger” to match the life of this iconic legend that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The case was designed to serve as a large canvas to tell his life story, one moment at a time. Once created to his exact specifications, Arnold allowed us to produce 11 more in the same size to offer them to our distinctive clientele to tell their own story. While we are sharing the two completed pieces, there are currently two more in the design stages on Jeffrey’s bench.

1930GT - Helton - Life Story

The second Life Story watch was also completed by Christian Decamillis. Using the beautiful deep relief scroll work as the background for this design, the chevron overlay sculptures in each corner are in honor of important NASCAR tracks that tell the tale of the distinguished owner. The case side is set with the all important Bristol Star and engraving continues onto the back of the case culminating in a elegant flourish around the open display back. The clients family farm and NASCAR are also prominently featured on the one-of-a-kind Life Story timepiece.


Cattleman Watch (48mm)


Cattleman Watch - The Bud

This Cattleman was designed and handcrafted for a fisherman, and good friend, to honor the legacy of his Grandfather, Bud. Using Grandpa’s ruby and gold ring as inspiration, his love of fishing highlights the dial in an incredible bulino engraving with an inlayed mayfly by Christian Decamillis. The gold overlays prominently display the rubies in homage to Bud. The 2-toned contrast is continued with the solid gold bezel ring, lugs, and winding crown with it’s own bead set ruby. The watch is finished with a beautifully tooled saddle leather strap accented with gold stitching and a solid gold buckle, engraved with the moniker “The Bud”. This watch is a personal favorite for us.

Cattleman Watch - Original

With the addition of the saddle horn lug detail, the Cattleman was originally designed as a variation of our classic Highline Aviator for a client who wanted to add an “authentic Texas flair” to the piece. The original sterling silver piece was very Western and an excellent canvas for embellishment which prompted us to develop an entire series of 4 unique, and very Western styles, complete with a Western themed dial with a cattle skull and Montana’s Vigilante Code in the sub chapter. The case design has remained a favorite over the years and crossed over into different styles with help from the imagination of our distinguished clients.

Cattleman - Whynot

An incredibly exceptional and detailed project using the big Cattleman design as the basis for a larger 50mm titanium case that was machined specifically for this project. This was done so Christian Decamillis could carve away at the material to reveal the unique markings of the clients Big Horn Ram. The dial honors the sheep in classic bulino style while a hand crafted titanium and gold link bracelet is fashioned piece by piece to be rugged and beautiful as it is intended to be worn every day. The case back is overlayed with a solid gold “plug” and engraved with the specifics of the hunt. The entire project took nearly a year to complete and is truly one-of-a-kind.

Cattleman Watch - LoneStar

One of the original models from the Cattleman series, the LoneStar is a masterpiece of contemporary Western design. The contrast between the bright cut sterling silver case and the solid gold dial, crown, rope and star overlay, all by Diane Scalese has all of the elements of today’s Western trophy buckle. The dial with luminous numerals is highlighted by the sub second chapter that is accented by the cattle skull (also luminous) and the Montana vigilante code numerals. The piece is finished with a hand tooled saddle leather strap, bordered with intricate kangaroo lacing. This handcrafted trophy watch is a rodeo cowboy’s dream!

Cattleman Watch - Cowboy

The second engraved variation of the Cattleman series, the Cowboy, is the rugged “black hat” model of the group. A hand engraved sterling case with the “Riding for the Brand” inscription, a pair of vigilante brands, and finished with classic Western scroll, the Cowboy encapsulates the code of the Western cowboy, including values of discipline, honesty & loyalty to the brand. A large deep relief scroll by Jake Newell covers the bottom half of the 48mm case while custom variations on this model almost always include the personal brand of the client. From Texas to the Canadian Rockies, the Cowboy is a hit throughout the entire west.

Cattleman Watch - Lonesome Dove

The third engraved variation of the Cattleman series, the Lonesome Dove, is meant to pay homage to those early ranching pioneers who drove cattle herds from the Texas flatlands to the fertile pastures of the northwest and specifically our home state of Montana. This variation celebrates the Old School with beautiful American broad leaf scroll and the signature Western wriggle pattern. The white dial with vintage tan numerals is highlighted by a sub second chapter that is accented by a luminous cattle skull and the Montana vigilante code numerals. Finished with a Childress Swell hand tooled saddle leather strap.


Granite 46 (46mm)


G46 - Gargoyle “Grotesque”

On a visit to Gardone Val Trompia, Italy to meet with the world class engravers at Bottega Incisione Giovanelli and the Giovanelli family, Jeffrey stayed in Milan for several days studying the architecture and fine art of the region. He became interested in the neoclassical style and was particularly inspired by the expressive gargoyles on the facades of many buildings and churches. Refered to as “Grotesques” by Italians, Master Engraver Dario Cortini of Giovanelli came up with a design for this new model timepiece that left us speechless. The entire piece is in stainless steel except for the gold hands and the detailed gold inlaid crown atop the lion’s head. We brought this piece to an event in Dallas as a demonstration of our collaboration with Giovanelli and to show off the new model and a prominent MWC collector bought the piece on the spot. It’s in a good home.

Granite 46 - Original

The Granite 46 is a watch with significantly different styling for a Montana Watch Company timepiece. An engineering labor of love for Jeffrey, this modular design was created to allow the wearer to significantly change the look of the watch in seconds by way of an interchangeable bezel and lug system. Bezels and lugs can be changed as quickly as camera lenses with the patented bayonette bezel and cam-loc lug systems without penetrating the inner workings of the water resistant case module. The different style and material possibilities create numerous options from the same basic watch base. Although this project is still a work in process, a handful of cases were completed for a select group of clients who continue to inspire us with different material and design ideas. Damascus steel, stabilized wood, mastodon tooth…you name it. The sky’s the limit with this piece!

G46 - DSC Presidential

Commissioned for the President of Dallas Safari Club by his lovely wife, this simple and elegant variation was designed to commemorate her husband’s term in office. Although his stay actually turned out to be a bit longer than just that one year, rest assured that it was way too short. As far as we are concerned, there couldn’t have been a better president of anything. The stainless steel case has a black DLC coating with black lugs and a black bison strap with matching black DLC buckle. All of this and the black dial, really makes the gold hands and numerals pop. The stainless steel bezel was hand engraved with the DSC logo and commemorative inscription. Of course all of this can change in just a blink of the eye due to the modular design of the Granite 46. Every January we look forward to going to Dallas to see the Evans’ and all of our good friends there to tell stories…some of them even true!

G46 - English Scroll DLC

The handwork takes on a very subtle look when coated with black DLC after the engraving has been completed.

G46 - Western Bright Cut

A decidedly contemporary Western look is achieved with a sterling silver bezel and lugs, bright cut to perfection.

G46 - Silver Tribal

Same watch, yet another distinctive look with a sterling silver bezel and lugs sculpted, hammered, and engraved, with a gold accent at the top of the bezel.

G46 - English Scroll

The patinated fine English scroll engraving on this stainless steel bezel and lug set creates another distinctive look for the Granite.